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CLIMAAX Open Call – receive up to EUR 300,000 for your region

The CLIMAAX consortium is launching the 1st OPEN CALL FOR REGIONS AND COMMUNITIES to select regions and communities that will implement the CLIMAAX methodological framework and the supporting CRA toolbox to carry out their regional and local multi-risk assessments.  

Selected projects are expected to involve specialized technical knowledge, where necessary from external services contracted by public authorities.

CLIMAAX is looking for single applicants:

  • Public bodies (including regional authorities, municipalities, as well as public agencies) with a mandate to develop Climate-related Risk Assessments and Risk Management Plans in a given region or community.
  • Non-profit legal entities representing a local/regional community of people with social ties, shared values, or interests, engaged in joint action developing their activities in areas with vulnerability to climate change impacts and challenged by climate change adaptation.

Proposals have to aim at generating regional/local multi-risk climate assessment, including activities to complete these three phases:

  • Phase 1: Application of the CLIMAAX common methodology Framework for climate change-related multi-risk assessment applicable at regional/local scale in Europe using the Toolbox made available by the project. 

  • Phase 2: Refinement and improvement of the multi-risk assessment carried out in Phase 1 using local data of higher resolution and detail than the (European scale) data available for the common approach. In this second phase, the CLIMAAX partners will offer guidance to the beneficiaries in performing regional/local high-resolution analysis and multi-risk assessments.

  • Phase 3: Exploration of potential adaptation options and relevant actions at the local scale to address the risk and vulnerabilities identified from the multi-risk analysis carried out in Phases 1 and 2, including improvement of current regional/local risk management plans and adaptation strategies.

CLIMAAX Open Call beneficiaries will receive:

  • Up to 300,000 EUR lump sum funding per project.
  • Access and support to use the multi-risk assessment Toolbox. This support will include:
  1. Methodological guidance on the tools and on the technical details of the multi-risk assessment methodologies,
  2. Technical advice and support through the CLIMAAX helpdesk.
  • Access to the outreach and engagement events organized by CLIMAAX