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Regional Climate Resilient Development Pathways

REGILIENCE is committed to supporting the European Green Deal and the EU Mission “Adaptation to Climate Change” by fostering the adoption of regional climate resilience development pathways.

The project develops, compiles, shares and promotes tools and scientific knowledge to support European regions in identifying and addressing their climate-related risks. We work closely with sister projects, such as ARSINOE, IMPETUS and TransformAr to enhance the capacity of 7 focus regions to tackle the unavoidable impacts of climate change.

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101036560.

Supporting the EU mission

Climate change is happening today, so we have to build a more resilient tomorrow” (European Commission, 2021).

The impacts of climate change are increasingly frequent: these result in economic losses, environmental degradation and affect the health and well-being of people all around Europe – and globally-, underlying the need to find adaptation strategies on top of mitigation strategies.

In 2021, the European Commission adopted a new strategy on adaptation to climate change, turned into one of the EU Missions, providing direction and calling for cooperation and concrete solutions to make Europe climate resilient by 2050. Communities and regions are key catalysers where this change can be driven, but guidance is needed for them to accompany and assist citizens and economies in adapting to climate change.

REGILIENCE is aligned with the Horizon Europe proposed Mission “Prepare Europe for climate disruptions and accelerate the transformation to a climate-resilient and just Europe by 2030” which aims to “Accelerate the transformation to a climate-resilient future, supporting 200 European communities and regions in co-creating a vision, innovation pathways, and developing solutions for transformative adaptation within safe planetary boundaries”.

This provides an outlook for the direction and ambition which shall be considered in REGILIENCE, and therefore we have included an added-value replication focus to 10 vulnerable regions in our activities.
It is guided by the European Green Deal and builds on a combination of Innovation Packages for transformational adaptation of European regions and communities (Innovation Actions, subtopic 1) and a Coordination and Support Action (CSA, subtopic 2).

Supporting the Innovation Packages Pathways

REGILIENCE entails the design and implementation of a broad range of communication and dissemination activities within the target groups, the enabling actors and the broader community. More specifically it aims at:

Understanding and addressing local and regional needs

Through an ongoing needs assessment, REGILIENCE grasps the challenges and barriers that you face when developing your adaptation strategies. Then, the project adapts its activities to your needs, sharing information and building tools to support your work and approach to climate adaptation and resilience. Submit your views!

Connecting people
and ideas

Based on the regional needs, REGILIENCE designs strategies on how best to exchange knowledge and results. In these activities, from project and experiences. In many activities, a variety of stakeholders share their preferences on the innovation packages for resilience to climate change. Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter!

Building local and regional capacity

REGILIENCE will support regional authorities, agencies and other stakeholders involved in the development of regional resilience pathways through a helpdesk, peer to peer mentorship, and much more. REGILIENCE will also assist in implementing the measures developed in the innovation packages.

Strengthening resilience in 7 focus regions

REGILIENCE will co-design regional resilience pathways in 7 regions, together with regional stakeholders and authorities, replicating good practices. They will be selected based on the extent they are vulnerable to climate change and on their need to support on the creation of knowledge and capacity in the filed.

Engaging with citizens and fostering their awareness

REGILIENCE involves citizens in the adoption of the innovation packages (and the testing of innovative public-private partnership approaches). It will do so through training activities, a chat and forum as well as other direct support actions customised based on their needs and inputs.

Collaborating with other projects

REGILIENCE aims at sharing its work, as well as the results and lessons learned in the 3 Innovation Action projects, to a wide audience, planning many actions and the development of tools and informational material in various formats and languages. Common actions will also be planned with other initiatives and projects working towards the same goal. Contact us if your project / initiative fits our scope of work!

Connection to Innovation Package Projects

In parallel, REGILIENCE will work closely with 3 sister projects (Innovation Actions) to amplify the reach and impact of results, coordinate actions and maximise benefits for communities impacted by climate change. By identifying common goals, challenges and work areas, REGILIENCE, ARSINOE, IMPETUS and TransformAr will achieve the best possible outcomes for communities and regions impacted by climate change, with a holistic approach (including sectors such as water, energy production, health, agriculture, fisheries and more).

To do so, the 4 projects have altogether a research and innovation budget of €45 million. This work is led by the Coordination Support Action team within the REGILIENCE project, who will replicate the innovation packages from the Innovation Actions in 10 vulnerable and low-capacity regions.


Builds an ecosystem for climate change adaptation solutions based on Systems Innovation Approach (SIA) the BRIGAID Climate Innovation Window (CIW) platform, co-created and co-designed by stakeholders. Primarily, the project carries out stakeholder- inclusive assessments, and 20-25 yet unknown innovative solutions are applied via grants (total 1M€) following national tendering processes.
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IMPETUS aims to accelerate Europe’s climate adaptation strategy to become the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050. By using an adaptation framework based on multi-sectorial, multi-scale and multi-impact solutions and building on Resilience Knowledge Boosters (RKBs), IMPETUS aims to align various governance levels and adaptation policies.
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Establishes a “Transformational Adaptation (TA) process” of regions and communities, including 9 steps as the set-up of the innovation ecosystem, a pathway selection, the demonstration of Region Specific Portfolios (RSPs) “solutions”, monitoring and its acceleration.
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The following map currently showcases the regions covered by ARSINOE, IMPETUS, REGILIENCE and TransformAr. The filtering available is by addressed Sustainable Development Goals, as well as by the Key Community Systems each region is addressing, coming from the Mission adaptation to climate change. The map contains information about the resilience topic covered by the regions, the existing conditions, their ambitions, and solutions to be tested.