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EU Mission: Adaptation to Climate Change

The new EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change, unveiled on 24 February 2021 by the European Commission, aims to enhance adaptive capacity, strengthen resilience, and reduce vulnerability to climate change. According to the long-term vision established therein, Europe will be fully prepared to face the unavoidable impacts of climate change, which will continue to materialise even if carbon neutrality is reached by 2050. In addition, the Commission has launched a Mission for adaptation to climate change and societal transformation, which supports this process by connecting citizens with science and public policy. A mission in this area helps to maximise the impact of the EU’s support to research and innovation and demonstrate its relevance for society and citizens. Its focus is on solutions and preparedness for the impacts of climate change to protect lives and assets.

Bearing in mind that EU countries, regions and cities have an essential role to play in implementing the Mission as they are key agents of change in deploying new technologies and experimenting innovative solutions that address regional and local needs, they were invited to manifest their interest by signing a Mission Charter and joining the Mission.

Upon signing the Mission Charter, all signatories automatically become part of a community of practice on adaptation to climate change allowing them to network, connect and share experiences, and will be invited to a coordination event at the end of 2022.

In the following map, you can find the list of the Signatories of the Mission Charter and the Associated Countries, announced until the 29th of September 2022, while additionally in the map, the Regions that are partners in the three sister projects of REGILIENCE, namely ARSINOEImpetus and TransformAr.

You can download the map by clicking here.