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Overview of the Climate Adaptation Mission project tools – June 2023

This overview aims to compile the different tools which are in process of development by the first four EU Climate Adaptation Mission projects ARSINOE, IMPETUS, REGILIENCE and TransformAr.

Its main purpose is to:

  • Foster co-creation and synergies between tools in the development stage
  • Enable uptake of tools by other Mission projects or initiatives
  • Enable the European Environmental Agency to identify tools to be integrated into Climate-ADAPT’s Adaptation Support Tool (AST) and its steps:
    1. Preparing the ground for adaptation
    2. Assessing climate change risks and vulnerabilities
    3. Identifying adaptation options
    4. Assessing adaptation options
    5. Implementing Adaptation
    6. Monitoring and Evaluating Adaptation

This list provides a first glance of the tools already developed or still under development, and is structured according to the Climate-ADAPT AST steps, as indicated in the table below:

Climate-ADAPT AST steps

Additional tools will be developed by the projects in the coming years, thus this is a living page.

1. ARSINOE Data Catalogue

2. IMPETUS Hot Spot Identification and Prioritization Service

3. IMPETUS Resilience Knowledge Boosters

4. Cascading impacts and permutable services modelling tool

5. System Dynamics Modelling (SDM) tool

6. Traffic Impact Assessment Model

7. Distributed Hybrid Modelling for Climate Resilience Analysis

8. Playbook for transformational adaptation

9. Maladaptation self-assessment tool

10. Choice experiment survey for understanding the acceptance of transformational adaptation solutions

11. Socio-economic impact assessment of adaptation solutions

12. Climate adaptation funding overview tool

13. Knowledge Graph (SustainGraph)

14. SDGDetector software library for mapping text to the SDGs

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