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Cooperation platforms

Web-based climate change adaptation platforms in Europe are essential tools for addressing the challenges imposed by climate change. They can enhance climate resilience, foster collaboration, improve decision-making, increase public awareness, and support innovation. The REGILIENCE team has reviewed more than 120 platforms and selected the below platforms for further close-cooperation and support.

REGILIENCE is supporting:



Climate Innovation Window – CIW

Climate Innovation Window platform is dedicated to innovations that can tackle climate change challenges. This a place, where climate adaptation innovators, end-users, and investors can connect and meet each other’s needs:

  • Innovators showcase their climate adaptation solutions;
  • End users and investors have relevant and easy-to-find information and can connect with innovators directly.

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weADAPT is a collaborative platform on climate change adaptation issues. It allows practitioners, researchers and policymakers to access credible, high-quality information and connect with one another.

REGILIENCE team is collaborating strategically with other two main platforms, to combine strengths and promote the implementation of climate adaptation actions:

Climate-ADAPT – European Climate Adaptation Platform

Climate-ADAPT aims to support Europe in adapting to climate change helping users to access and share data and information on: expected climate change in Europe, current and future vulnerability of regions and sectors, EU, national and transnational adaptation strategies and actions and many more.

MIP4ADAPT – EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change Portal  

MIP4Adapt supports European regional and local authorities to prepare and plan their adaptation pathways to climate resilience. MIP4Adapt is facilitating a Community of Practice and delivering technical assistance to enable regions and local authorities to e.g. use their existing climate vulnerability and risk assessments to develop climate adaptation plans and fund and implement climate adaptation solutions and many more.