Regional Pathways to Climate Resilience

REGILIENCE is a European project that aims at sharing the most promising cross-sectoral adaptation solutions, supporting cities and regions across Europe to become more resilient to climate change.

Supporting the EU mission

REGILIENCE is aligned with the Horizon Europe proposed Mission “Prepare Europe for climate disruptions and accelerate the transformation to a climate-resilient and just Europe by 2030” which aims to “Accelerate the transformation to a climate-resilient future, supporting 200 European communities and regions in co-creating a vision, innovation pathways, and developing solutions for transformative adaptation within safe planetary boundaries”.

Available Resources

The first four EU Climate Adaptation Mission projects ARSINOE, IMPETUS, REGILIENCE and TransformAr compiled the different tools which are in process of development.

The interactive map currently showcases the regions covered by ARSINOE, IMPETUS, and TransformAr, and contains information about several topics. Explore it!

On this page, you can find the main funding opportunities to support regional climate resilience ambitions available for all different stages of the implementation.

With this tool, users are guided through a checklist of 17 questions, each one focusing on one risk factor for maladaptation. Check the maladaptive potential of your plan now.

We provide a series of training sessions clustered in two cycles for European regions and communities within our Open Training Sessions (OTS). Click on the button to know more:

Regilience News