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The European resilience landscape – a REGILIENCE open training session


On the 22nd of March 2023, it took place the first Open Training Session, organized by the REGILIENCE project.

This training session provided a holistic overview of European strategies and initiatives on climate adaptation and gave an insight into initiatives and projects supporting regions. The interactive session allowed all participants to contribute and exchange with the speakers:

  • Johannes Klumpers (DG CLIMA) – explained the EU landscape on resilience including the EU adaptation strategy and the Climate Law including the links to the recently published IPCC AR6 Synthesis Report. He explained the approaches of the EU-wide climate risk assessment and the Adaptation Mission Charter.
  • Jole Lutzu (REGILIENCE) – introduced the first Mission Adaptation project cluster and provided the speakers with an introduction to the developed tools and specific case studies.
  • Richard Smithers (MIP4ADAPT) – highlighted the opportunities for regions to receive technical support from MIP4ADAPT to build adaptation strategies and the activities of the initiative.
  • Alison De Luise (Covenant of Mayors Europe) – showcased the Policy Support Facility of the Covenant of Mayors and its initial results and ongoing activities on adaptation. She explained how the policy support facility can help local and regional authorities to move from the planning to the implementation of adaptation actions.
  • Matthias Watzak-Helmer (FEDARENE) moderated this session held on March 22nd 2023

The speakers provided valuable insights into their work on climate resilience and offered knowledge and inspiration. Benefits and offers for European regions and inspiring good practice solutions completed the contributions and steered fruitful discussions with the participants. The sessions stressed the importance of adaptation to reach climate resilience and underlined the need for timely actions of all actors within their fields of action and due to multi-level governance cooperation. Regions can benefit from plenty of ongoing opportunities to build up knowledge and capacities for adaptation or exchange in communities of practice.

This event is part of the REGILIENCE Open Training Sessions which aims for sharing knowledge and inspiration. You can learn more about all upcoming and past sessions and help us tailor future sessions according to your needs on the dedicated REGILIENCE page here.

The next session “Step by Step towards climate resilience” will provide insight on pathway development approaches including user experience reports held on the 21st of April 2023 from 11 am to 13 pm. Find more info on the particular session or register here before the session.

You can watch the full recording below:


The sessions are conceived including a lot of interactions with the audience. In addition to the many opportunities you will have to give your opinion and feedback, you will also be able to vote on the topics to be tackled during the second cycle.  

On this page, you can see the Open Training Sessions (OTS) available for all interested parties, that will take place between March 2023 and 2025. The sessions are organised in a series of ten online events divided into two cycles.