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Funding and Financing Tools to support the Regional Climate Adaptation: a comprehensive guide

Funding and financing climate adaptation measures are crucial for regions and local authorities working towards addressing the impacts of climate change. To aid in this process, the Mission Implementation Platform for Adaptation to Climate Change (MIP4Adapt) has recently introduced two new products on its portal, aimed at supporting regions and local authorities with their climate adaptation financial planning.

In this regard, REGILIENCE played a significant role, largely contributing to the development of these funding tools, supporting MIP4Adapt platform delivering new tools to boost regional climate resilience.

Among the attendees were prominent climate action projects and organizations, including REGILIENCE, ARSINOE, IMPETUS, TransformAr, Pathways2Resilience, and REACHOUT. Over the two days of meaningful discussions, various stakeholders shared insights and formulated key takeaways for effective climate adaptation strategies. 

The importance of funding and financing opportunities

Funding and financing opportunities are essential for empowering regions and communities to confront the challenges of climate change. With a deep understanding of their unique challenges and aspirations, regions receive robust political backing both at European and national levels. 

Indeed, initiatives like the European Mission Adaptation to Climate Change aim to bolster the resilience of at least 150 European regions and communities by 2030. Furthermore, a variety of financial resources are available to support regional climate resilience ambitions.
These resources were created to facilitate the funding process as smoothly as possible.

With the purpose of achieving these critical needs, REGILIENCE has developed a dedicated funding tool to increase awareness of these resources at both European and national levels.

REGILIENCE’s Initiatives

With the purpose of supporting regional actors on climate resilience, REGILIENCE has implemented several initiatives:

  • The 3rd Open Training Session, on “Financial Support for Regional Adaptation”, focused on funding sources for different steps of the adaptation pathway, highlighting currently available opportunities. European projects CLIMAAX and Pathways2Resilience also presented cascade funding opportunities and support for regions to strengthen their climate actions, offering insights and details on the application process. You can watch the complete training session here.
  • The Funding Opportunities Guide explains in detail all the criteria symbols you could encounter when looking for a funding opportunity.
  • The Table of funding opportunities sums up information on European and national funding opportunities. Developed in 2022, it was a great tool to provide guidance on the identification of potential funding sources. This table inspired the Funding and Financing tools now available at MIP4Adapt.

Accessing the Funding and Financing Tools of MIP4ADAPT

For a comprehensive list of MIP4ADAPT Funding Tools, please visit the following links: