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National Adaptation Plans and Strategies in theory and practice – role of the national and regional governments


The objective of this workshop is to assess how the EU and national levels play a part in the success and failure of the green transition at local and regional levels.

More specifically, how do the EU policies (present and future) drive the necessary changes on the ground as well as what we can learn from the processes of the drafting, implementation and monitoring of the National Adaptation Strategies from several EU Member States.

We will explore similarities and differences in the overall approach and foster mutual learning from the exchange of ideas and experiences. The follow-up discussion will focus on the following aspects:

  1. How have regional and local governance levels been involved in the planning process and the development of the NASs? Have regions, cities and municipalities been involved in the discussion, and/or have the local needs and potential been considered for the drafting of the targets and measures?
  2. How successfully are the NASs being implemented and monitored? How are they being integrated into local and regional plans and strategies? Are they resulting in concrete budgets and actions for climate change adaptation and resilience in the regions, cities and municipalities? What is their relation with the Resilience and Recovery Plans (RRPs)?
  3. If you had to do everything over, what would you repeat and what would you change the second time around?