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Join the 13th Climate-ADAPT Development Webinar on 01 June 2023

Source: Climate-ADAPT Platform

Attention all stakeholders and policymakers engaged in climate adaptation efforts! Mark your calendars for an important event that aims to enhance adaptation actions across Europe. The upcoming 13th Climate-ADAPT Development Webinar is to be held on 01 June 2023 from 10.00-11.30 CEST and it promises to unveil new features and updated resources, supporting all steps of the adaptation policy cycle.

Climate change poses unprecedented challenges, necessitating swift and effective adaptation measures. In Europe, Climate-ADAPT has emerged as a key platform for providing knowledge and resources to support adaptation actions. Building upon its mission to become the authoritative European platform for adaptation, Climate-ADAPT has undergone significant developments in recent years.

The webinar will be held interactively, providing an opportunity for current and potential users and information providers of Climate-ADAPT to engage with the platform’s fresh content and functionalities. Feedback from participants, including governmental decision-makers and supporting organizations, will play a pivotal role in shaping future priorities and actions.

You can access more information about the event, including the agenda, registration, and connection details at this link.